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White Chalk

White Chalk - Pavarti K. Tyler What kind of book is this? I think because a few of us at the book club have read other books by this author, we were all set for a fantasy read. Yes, assumptions. We were wrong. This is not at all fantasy. It's gripping real life about what teenagers go through and what happens when no one helps them.

Which secondary character resonated most with you and why? Troy. To Chelle he was more than a crush, he was hope and when he left, even the reader feels somewhat cheated.

In your own words how did the setting of the story make it more interesting. School life. How much more complicated can it be? Chelle is the outcast and not entirely because of her doing. From this, the story then expands to her school crush, heartbreak, neglect and a tangled web she gets lost in.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.