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Fighting the Effects of Gravity: A Bittersweet Journey into Middle Life

Fighting the Effects of Gravity: A Bittersweet Journey Into Middle Life - James Robinson Jr. What other books has this author written? This is the author’s first book. I would personally like to know if he plans on writing more non-fiction.

Did anyone in the book do something you did not like? Not really something I did not like. Just some things I questioned, however. When we all reach a certain age we question stupid things we did in the past.

What kind of book is this? This is a memoir. The author is talking about how middle-age has crept up on him. He talks about his sagging body, how children changed his life, and general mid-life issues.

What was the author's purpose or purposes in writing this book? I personally felt the author wants others to know what they are facing. I have not read a memoir specifically like Robinson's.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.